Guitar Man

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Prodigy Entertainment is comprised of some of the most dedicated and talented filmmakers in the San Francisco Bay Area, whose combined experience will ensure the production of quality independent films.

Its founder, Ray Robinson established the company for the sole purpose of seamlessly blending art and commerce in independent filmmaking, while utilizing the rich compilation of talent found in Northern California.

Prodigy Entertainment is committed to its partnerships, encourages the creativity of our artists and associates, and believes that the passion and drive to create uncompromising film entertainment will lead us all to undreamed of heights.

Prodigy's two projects are Guitar Man and Sleeping with the Lion.  

Don't Shoot! I'm the Guitar Man is based on the book by Author Buzzy Martin. It is a drama which a ‘failed’ musician tries to save the souls of at-risk youth and San Quentin prisoners and along the way discovers the true gift of his music…and the deeper meaning of freedom. When freedom is gone, all hope is lost.

In Guitar Man, the filmmakers will illustrate that freedom to define yourself rather than letting others define you are not always easy, but always possible. "We must not allow other people's limited perceptions to define us." - Virginia Satir

Prodigy's second film project Sleeping with the Lion is a film noir drama that will pay homage to the modern day Hitchcockian film noir genre. The producer and director plan to capture a very captivating story that has a myriad of twists, turns, and a who-done-it ending that will leave you speechless.

The theme of Sleeping with the Lion is greed, and greed is a lion sleeping in each of us - if roused it becomes ravenous and will stop at nothing to satisfy its hunger... Most of the characters in Sleeping with the Lion will succumb to Greed's calling!

It is the producer’s hope that if we can save at least one person from losing their freedom, this project is worth it.

-Ray Robinson

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